We have the expertise to respond to your drug development challenges.

Our central lab provides biomarker testing services for global clinical trials.

Let us help train and monitor lab personnel at your clinical study sites.

We can help you enhance the sensitivity of assays needed to support your research program.


“CirQuest provided extensive training and long-term, on-site study monitoring for several critical studies conducted in the USA and at a foreign investigational site. CirQuest's involvement in these studies directly resulted in high-quality data and a successful outcome.”

Senior Director, Top 10 Biopharma

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“CirQuest successfully and efficiently coordinated a multi-nation sub-study that involved precise blood collection and processing, sample shipping, global logistical challenges and biomarker analysis. Their efforts added significant value to our overall study, and contributed greatly to the library of knowledge regarding cardiovascular biomarkers in subjects with ACS.”

Medical Director, Top 10 Pharma

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CirQuest Labs is an industry leader in specialized laboratory services. Drug or drug-device development is a multidisciplinary activity that requires scientific and translational expertise, technical knowledge, and proven proficiency in studies ranging from proof-of-concept to clinical evaluation. We are experts in these areas.

CirQuest Labs provides a new combination of value-added skills with science know-how that aids in the evaluation of new targets and launches new drugs. We represent a new generation of companies with a broad and customizable set of basic, translational and clinical research capabilities that serve as an extension of your in-house operations. We help you identify companion tests.Our responsiveness and personalized services in soluble and cell-based assay development, biomarker testing, clinical trial substudies and central lab support, including biostorage exceed the industry standard. We are GLP and GCLP compliant and a CLIA approved laboratory. We adhere to ISBER best practices for repositories of biological materials for research and are a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant biospecimen management system.

Our Core Competencies

  • Exceling in preclinical and clinical testing, with a full understanding of biologic mechanisms and disease targets, to assist in the development of drugs and devices using state-of-the-art technology.
  • Assisting in the design and execution of preclinical and clinical studies using decades of academic and clinical experience.
  • Serving as a central laboratory for global clinical trials, especially those requiring complicated diagnostic and laboratory testing and challenging sampling logistics.
  • Utilizing core competencies and efficiencies to reduce in-house costs and overhead.