Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

CirQuest Labs provides the highest standards of life science services to the pharmaceutical and implantable device industries. Founded with more than 25 years of academic and industry experience in the life sciences and device fields, CirQuest Labs, as an industry leader, offers an innovative combination of services to advance products from the preclinical stage to commercialization.

Our Vision

CirQuest's vision is to significantly contribute to a greater understanding of human physiology and to improve the quality of global healthcare and the well-being of others through our life science services. We are committed to life-long learning, and strive to always apply our knowledge in offering the highest quality services possible.

CirQuest values customer relationships, and fosters trusting collaborations that develop the best services to fit our client's needs. We desire to be recognized and achieve client satisfaction and loyalty based on our superior performance standards, leadership, knowledge, ethical practices, and integrity. The result will be a positive impact on our growth, success, and significance within our local community and world-wide.

CirQuest aims to create a harmonious work environment that is energetic, productive, responsive, respectful and supportive of individual diversity. We understand that our ability to succeed will be gained by embracing the core values of personal accountability, integrity, advanced skill and knowledge, and a commitment to work hard as a team.


CirQuest's expertise is establishing a strategic partnership with industry so that academicians and clinical trial management effectively collaborate to develop scientifically and clinically solid clinical trial protocols.

VP of Research Biology, Biopharmaceutical Company