Technology Platforms

Life sciences companies are increasingly outsourcing their discovery work and laboratory testing, and require an experienced and knowledgeable partner who can offer academic insight and seamless integration into clinical development operations. CirQuest Labs offers a comprehensive portfolio of technology platforms to accommodate virtually all of your technology testing requirements.

We provide clients with flexibility in choosing from assays which are either commercially available or developed by you. We can also work with you to develop and validate a custom assay based on your discovery efforts and goals.

The biology team is headed by US-educated biologists and molecular scientists with drug discovery, biological assay, and disease target expertise. Our laboratories are fully equipped to provide a broad array of services including in vitro and ex vivo biology support and validation testing for drug discovery, cell and cell line testing, and antibody characterizations. A wide array of genomic services completes our vast array of laboratory services.

Small molecule and biologic drug discovery service

Assays and assay development

  • Biochemical assays (proteins, signaling pathways, intracellular proteins, matrix remodeling and MMP)
  • Cell-based assays using cells and cell lines (adhesion, motility, invasion, proliferation, apoptosis)
  • Assay technologies (ELISA, flow cytometry, surface plasmon resonance, protein cascades)
  • SDS-PAGE and Western blot
  • Immunoassay and antibody characterization
  • Platelet function and coagulation

Screening, validation and characterization

  • Compound, peptide and antibody assays
  • Molecular studies
  • Preclinical safety assays

Genetics and genomics

  • DNA and RNA isolation and storage
  • Gene expression
  • Quantitative PCR

Target validation

    Molecular and cellular validation and in vitro proof-of-concept design and testing:
  • Thrombosis and hemostasis
  • Cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and PAD
  • Hematology
  • Vascular bed diseases including metabolic syndromes
  • Inflammation
  • Tumor cell biology
  • Biocompatibility of devices and implantable materials